Certification and Admissions

Associate in Applied Science in Occupational Studies

Dental Assisting (Certificate)

This program prepares students for entry-level dental assisting positions in a variety of settings such as private dental offices, dental schools, the military and dental insurance offices. The curriculum includes the required dental radiography courses that allow graduates to expose dental radiographs in the State of Michigan. The program also prepares students for the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) examination, which leads to the nationally recognized status of a Certified Dental Assistant (CDA). Graduates of the program are also prepared to take the Michigan Board of Dentistry Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) licensure examination.

Students may enroll in this program in one of two pathways:

Pathway I

This Pathway is for the student with no previous dental experience. Students attend clinical classes in a traditional on campus setting while using an online format for the theory classes. We encourage full-time status with students completing the program in one year.

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Pathway II (ADAEP)

This Pathway is for the dental assistant with two or more years of dental assisting experience. The applicant also must be a current Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) meaning that they have passed all three portions of the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) CDA exam.

Applicants will receive college credit for passing the DANB CDA examination prior to entry. Students will be required to attend a mandatory two-day on campus workshop at the beginning of the semester. They will then return to their offices to complete assigned class projects under the supervision of their licensed dentist employer. The two will work as a team to complete clinical validations for the program. Homework, class assignments, lectures and tests will be completed using the WCC online Blackboard system. E-mail will enable communication with the WCC course instructor. At the end of the semester the students will be required to return to campus to complete a clinical final.

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