I am a mother of five, work full-time and have been a dental assistant for over 6 years. The doctor I work for came to me and asked that I go through the Dental Assisting Program at WCC. My schedule was already extremely full. I wondered if it was possible for me to take on any more responsibilities. I decided I really wanted to obtain my RDA license. It was very exciting and a little scary. I knew it would take commitment.

I went through the WCC Pathway II/ADAEP program in the Winter of 2016. The mandatory two day on-campus workshop was very informative. I met the instructors. It was nice to put a face with the instructor’s I’d been talking with on the phone. There was a lot of information thrown at us in those two days. I thought, “What did I get myself into?” EVERYTHING I needed to know was provided for me that weekend. The schedule was clearly laid out. It was a little overwhelming at first, however once I actually started the program, I realized how much help there actually was for me. If I had a question, I sent an email. My emails were promptly responded to and the instructors posted often to let the class know when assignments were due. I quickly found out that my instructors were there to help me succeed.

The instructional videos helped so much. I watched the ones on the clinical exams over and over. I would highly recommend that everyone who goes through the program attend the mid-term on-campus lab day. This gave me the opportunity to show the instructors the temporary crowns and the amalgam fillings that I had been practicing for the clinical exam. Tina sat down and showed me exactly what to do on the temporaries. Jody showed me exactly what to look on my amalgam fillings. Kathy was working with other students placing a Dental Dam.

The level of commitment and support that the instructors provided was phenomenal. At the end of the program, I passed all of my exams the first time! My filling was flawless! All my hard work paid off. I cannot believe the sense of accomplishment I feel. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is considering obtaining their MI RDA license.

– K. Thelen, CDA (Soon to be RDA)
May 2016

My experience at WCC taking the Dental Assisting Pathway II/ADAEP courses was a wonderful experience. I’m a busy mom who works and juggles quite a bit in my life. I decided it was time to pursue my RDA license through WCC because of their distance learning program that fit nicely into my busy life. I also knew they were highly regarded as being the best of the best programs to take. I was only required to come to campus three times and the rest was accomplished from the convenience of my home. My boss & coworkers also had a hand in my success as they were very supportive in helping me attain certain course objectives along the way.

What I found during this process was twofold, great mentors with a shared passion for a field I also love. I had 3 instructors who couldn’t have been more supportive, reassuring & attentive to me and my other classmates. Tina, Kathy & Jodi took their time and worked with us one on one during our 2 day workshop & lab day. If I ran into a problem someone always responded and gave me direction even if it was after hours via email. These classes are full of requirements and deadlines and you have to be your own secretary & follow-up. Anytime there was an issue things were managed rapidly.

In all my years of going to college and taking a variety of courses never have I met such a great group of ladies who were also my instructors. Tina, Kathy & Jodi care and they truly want you to succeed in your goals. It’s because of them that we complete these courses more confident and well-rounded in our field. This kind of attention raises the level of professionalism in our field. It’s this kind of standard that brings awareness & respect to our profession. A profession that not only gives you variety but more importantly allows you to help people who need good quality care. That in itself can be life changing for many patients and rewarding to participate in as you develop rapports with a variety of good people along the way.

– D. Wellman, CDA, RDA
February 2016


The Dental Assisting Program (Pathway II/ADAEP) was amazing! I learned so much and the instructors were always available and extremely helpful. I was well prepared for my RDA licensing examination because the program and instructors provided me with everything I needed to succeed. I would highly recommend WCC and this program to those who are ready to take the next step in their Dental Assisting careers. Again, I really appreciate all of you and what you do!

– Potter, CDA, RDA
January 2016


I have been a dental hygienist since 2001 and the doctor I worked for was getting ready to retire. Dental Hygiene positions are difficult to find here in Michigan but I was able to take a position with a corporation as a dental assistant. I was told that if I would like to, they would assist me financially to go back to school to become a Registered Dental Assistant (RDA). The school my corporation recommends is Washtenaw Community College as they have an accelerated ADA accredited program for the working dental assistant.

The online aspect of the Pathway II/ADAEP program is very important, especially for someone like me who has to commute 250 miles one way to attend class!
I had supportive teachers. We had hands on lab days. I learned a lot of information in a short amount of time but they do a great job of covering everything that you need to know.

The teachers are very passionate about what they do. They’re extremely knowledgeable and that makes them very approachable. When I had questions or things that I needed to go over in lab, they were always available. They made learning very easy and presented the material in a way that I could grasp because they have experience in the dental field themselves. I felt well prepared for State Board Exams.

I’d recommend WCC’s Pathway II/ADAEP Dental Assisting Program because it’s quick, thorough, and efficient and it allowed me to continue to work the entire time I was enrolled.

– S. Smith RDH, CDA
May 2015

The ADAEP/Pathway II Dental Assisting Program at WCC is a fantastic opportunity for assistants to earn credit to sit for their RDA licensing exam. I personally found that the courses prepared me very well for all facets of the exam. Ms. Weber and Ms. Sprague have all the experience and knowledge necessary for assistants to be successful. Both instructors give individual attention and time to students to be better assistants.

– S. Radzom, CDA, RDA, RDH, BS
December 2009

It has been such a pleasure knowing all of you and going through the Advanced Standing Dental Assisting program at Washtenaw Community College. I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done. The most vital component that made that program an exceptional program is the 3 of you. All of you cared so much, were sincerely genuine/encouraging and desired nothing but success for all of us.

I remember the first time I contacted you, Ms. Weber and the helpful tips you gave me as a prospective student. My goals became a reality as a result. I now have obtained my RDA license and Associate’s in Dental Assisting since the classes from my previous degrees transferred.

Thanks to ALL OF YOU 🙂

– L. Boar
October 2013

We have a large, three doctors/five hygienist office. Professionalizing our Dental Assistants to the RDA level has increased productivity and created long-term team members in a department that sometimes felt that it had a revolving door! Since many of our DA’s came from a skill center/on-the-job training background, the Washtenaw Community College program has been invaluable in its flexibility, efficiency and excellent didactic content. It has allowed working professionals to become better at what they do.

– M. Hoekstra, DDS, FAGD
October 2014

I cannot say enough great things about WCC’s Dental Assisting Program. Dentistry in general has so much to offer, and dental assisting itself is a really great career. If someone is considering it, WCC is the way to go. It gives a solid foundation for the career start and—hands down—beyond what one needs to pass the board examination. The curriculum covered all areas in great depth and the faculty worked with each one of us to get it right, to retain, and to gain great confidence for the future. It was a very busy year for me when I attended, yet it was so rewarding once I got my license and my job.

And yes, I think employers value the program graduates and the fact that one has taken the time to do it right—through an American Dental Association (ADA) accredited program. I am so grateful that I have chosen this path and WCC!

– J. Zeigler, RDA
August 2014

Following the On-Campus Workshop…

Just wanted to thank you for your time these past two days. It was a great workshop – with hands on training, questions answered, expanded functions explained, new friends and great food.

It was nice to have more of a one on one training with the three of you.

The three of you (instructors) truly make a wonderful team. Your love for dental assisting is contagious.

– B. Diamond, CDA
May 2015

I’d like to express my gratitude to the wonderful Dental Assisting instructors at Washtenaw Community College. They are exceptional instructors and mentors. They made it easy to ask questions and responded quickly.

The syllabi for DEN 204-Advanced Functions and DEN 230/ADAEP were well written and explained in detail the outcome of the course. The self-paced schedule was extremely convenient. It allowed me to work freely on completing the assignments as my busy schedule allowed. I found the Dental Assisting Program at WCC to be very worthwhile, and I would highly recommend this program to other dental assistants. I hope that other students will gain a sense of pride and self accomplishment, as I did when finishing these classes. Thank you!

– C. Ferguson
May 2009

I just wanted to say Thank You to the Dental Assisting Program at Washtenaw Community College. I’ve attended a number of colleges and universities and this by far was one of the best experiences I’ve had. It was great to have instructors that were willing to answer questions and give me one on one time when I needed extra help to master a skill. If you are ready and eager to learn, they will assist you in achieving your goals. I didn’t have much prior dental assisting experience, but with the guidance of the instructors I gained new skills and techniques. Upon completion of the program, I felt confident about taking my board exam, and I’m happy to report, I PASSED!!!

– C. Benson
Nov. 2008