Mission Statement

The Pharmacy Technology program strives to prepare graduates for a career in the field of pharmacy technology and provide them with a marketable skill capable of maintaining a comfortable lifestyle.

The student will be exposed to the latest in technological advances through a variety of learning experiences and clinical assignments. We attempt to work collaboratively with the student to ensure his or her success in academic and personal endeavors.

Program Goals

  1. To graduate individuals who are able to function successfully as entry-level pharmacy technicians.
  2. To prepare graduates to successfully pass the National Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination.
  3. To meet the needs of the health care delivery system locally and nationally.
  4. To prepare graduates for employment in hospital pharmacies, retail pharmacies, research laboratories, home health care agencies, pharmaceutical manufacturing and other various health care entities that employ pharmacy technicians.
  5. To provide students access to the latest technology within the field.
  6. To encourage graduates to recognize the need for continuing education and professional affiliation.