Frequently Asked Questions

How do I arrange clinical observations?
It is your responsibility to arrange clinical observations. You should contact area Physical Therapy Departments or Clinics. Refer to the clinical observations web page for more information. You will need to make copies of the clinical observation form in order to document the observations.

Can I attend the program part-time?
No, the Physical Therapist Assistant program classes must be taken in sequence over two years.

I have completed all of my general education courses. Can I complete the Physical Therapist Assistant program in less than two years?
No, the Physical Therapist Assistant program classes must be taken in sequence over two years.

I have a job. Can I keep it?
Students will not be excused from classes or clinical experiences for work. The clinical education experiences are for full days. The student will be assigned to a clinical instructor and will be on the site for the same hours that the clinical instructor works.

What are the physical requirements for the program?
Physical Therapist Assistant is a physically demanding occupation. You will spend most of the day on your feet and will be lifting and moving patients/clients as well as equipment. Walking requirements vary depending on the setting, but usually involve walking throughout a facility treating patients. The Physical Therapist Assistant program itself also involves lifting and moving people and equipment. Students will learn by doing and by practicing on fellow students. All students are required to read and sign a statement of physical abilities, declaring that they have the physical and cognitive abilities necessary to be successful in the program and in the workplace.

Can I choose where I go for clinicals?
The Coordinator for Clinical Education places all students for clinical education experiences.

Where will my clinicals be?
In order to fully develop the clinical competencies, students will be placed in a variety of settings including hospitals, outpatient facilities and skilled nursing facilities. The clinical sites are within a one hour drive of WCC main campus. Students are required to have reliable transportation to and from all clinical sites.

Do I have to take the licensing examination in order to work as a PTA after graduation?
The State of Michigan requires licensure in order to work as a Physical Therapist Assistant. This means that graduates of the program must apply for licensure which includes graduation from the program, passing the national licensing examination and the Michigan jurisprudence examination. The application for licensure also includes a criminal background check.

How do I get an application for the PTA program?
Applications for the Physical Therapist Assistant program are available at the Enrollment Steps page.